English Teacher

6 Feb

What’s this?

It’s a pen

I know it’s a ____ing pen. Why have you given it to me?

So you can write with it. A poem

Poetry me? You having a ____ing laugh?

I could never write a poem

Poetry is not for the likes of me

Breaking and entering


Assault and battery

Rifling through the personal possessions of some complete stranger

Handling stolen goods

And all that

That’s for me

Not poetry




You what?

But I did

A word

A line

Then time after time

And line upon line

Lengthening all the time

Stretching my mind

Horizons thrown wide

From the top to the bottom

From margin to the side

How my pen did glide

Weaving words into patterns

So pleasing to the eye

So this is a poem

And I am a poet

And I’m more than a nuisance

A crim and a timer

A drain on society

I’m more than that



Life has new meaning

Thanks to you English Teacher

Thanks it’s nice to meet yer

Give me that pen

What do you mean

It’s the end of the session

What do you mean the end of the session

Give me that ___ing pen

But he wouldn’t

So I’m stabbed him in the eye

Then lost it a bit

Took four of em to hold me down

When I got back to my cell

I’d forgotten about the pen

The Poem

And the poet

He’d gone

I was me again

In here

Where are the words?

Where are the poems?


English Teacher




The Clock

31 Oct

It’s the clock I hate, ticking

The time away, slowly

The days away, eventually

Tick tick tick, hatefully


It’s the time I hate, all of it

And the years won’t wait, for me

Growing old in here, I fall apart

Growing cold in here, in here, in here


Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring again

Meaning what? Meaningless.


It’s the clock I hate, the seconds

I got time to wait, for minutes

What’s the f***ing date, the hours

The days, the weeks, the months, the years

How life effortlessly disappears

Time’s the friend who will not wait

It’s the clock I hate



By Prisoner MH-3002

Letters from Home

17 Oct

Dear scumbag

Don’t write again. When you come out you have no home. The kids don’t want to see you.

The Ex (No kisses)


Why did you let us all down? Your mother cries herself to sleep all night. Waste. Waste. Why did I ever bother. I won’t from now on

I used to be your Father

Dear Hated Hated Man

Do you know what you put us through?

Your victims

Dear Sinner

You are nothing. You are nothing. Worse than shit. Worse than anything.

Don’t bother prayng ’cause I’m not listening to your bullshit anymore


Dear You

Can I borrow the newspaper. If you say no, I’ll get you

The bloke on the bottom bunk

Dear Loser

We really don’t give a f*** about you anymore

No love,


Dear man

Keep writing the poems. They’re getting better. They move me. They might move others. Keep it real

Regards, Your teacher

By Prisoner JK-5700

The Good Day

10 Oct

Today was a good day

The voices all have gone away

The laughing too and pleading stopped

It seems the pressure must have dropped

The man who screams inside my head

Was whispering pleasantries instead

The seven souls who stand and stare

Were hanging round some other where

The food we eat had a nectar taste

And not a bit had gone to waste

I cleaned the whole enamel plate

Even the rubber spuds I hate

And no-one stabbed or cursed my name

No-one stole and gave me blame

No-one pissed upon my leg

And made me clean it with a threat

No-one shoved me no-one swore

Or bashed their fist upon my door

Or bashed my ever-sorry chin

The way they like to knock it in

And birds were singing sweet outside

I heard their song I must confide

That no-one seemed to hate my face

And for a moment in this place

I felt safe and I felt fine

(It was a very little time)

And all the bitterness I feel

Seemed rather faint and quite unreal

And in my cell there came a peace

A kind of moment of release

And then that special moment passed

And I was back in here at last

And I was sorry for myself

And wishing I was somewhere else

But I have learned you have to cling

Onto every pleasant thing

I flushed that moment down the drain

And then I was this lag again

And though it was a passing phase

A product of these shitty days

It stayed with me when it went away

As I say it was a good day


By Prisoner JK5700

Strange Puppets

19 Sep

Those men in the yard

Looking at me

Like strange puppets

In groups of one

In crowds of none

Staring with their eyes


Watching, never stopping

Stopping never watching

Shopping with their eyes

For me

For me

In pairs alone

Trios and fours

Who’s got a shank

Hid in jaws*

Stropping out

The slopping out

Then calm

Then on the rig (angry)

They watching

Ever watching

Like strange puppets




* Jaws: anus

Plastic Shoes Blues

14 Sep

They put me in these plastic shoes

That’s why I got these plastic blues

It’s not the kind of shoes I like

But they won’t let me wear my Nike

They put me in a plastic cell

And oh the smell I cannot tell

But in their heads they aren’t that well

The cellmates

They beat me till I black and blue

And all my body is a bruise

They stitch me up with bandage glue

Those no-good motherf***ing screws

They feed I mind wiv powerful lies

And teach the weakest to despise

They cut the strong ones down to size

With plastic shoes

They put these monsters on me feet

I wouldn’t wear upon the street

It’s like a torture to be beat

In plastic shoes

They take the laces far away

So I can’t string myself away

I think of it though every day

My own end

They teach me that this place is real

And deny feelings that I feel

And leave me kicking down at heel

In plastic, plastic, ever-so drastic, far from fantastic, loose elastic, tragic plastic shoes



The Joke

8 Sep
The bloke in the bed above is snoring
The bloke in the bed above is snoring
The bloke in the bed above is snoring
Stab him
Quieter now

By Prisoner MH-3002